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Hi, I’m

Alex J


International Educator / Guidance Counsellor


What does Alex believe in?


To welcome differences between individuals and seek win-win outcomes through effective, open and transparent communication.



To approach people or ideas with an open mind and inquire with an appreciation of context and perspective.



To know that people are supportive and supported and can be relied upon to do what is in the interests of all.


What makes Alex tick?

Making a difference

Alex thrives on the ability to impact others, whether individual or institutional, and seeks opportunities that allow him to make significant contribution.


Being the "go to" guy

Alex enjoys identifying problems and solutions and being seen as one of the best at what he does, but feels most accomplished when called upon to respond to situations and create innovative solutions as needs arise.

About Alex

Alex J Bent is an International Educator who specialises in supporting international students and their families to build their own futures through university and Higher Education.


Guiding students in their planning, portfolio building, and applications, Alex has a strong track-record of working with a diverse range of individuals to successfully apply and enrol in not just the best universities, but their best-fit universities. This has seen students successfully receive offers from the "big names" such as Oxford, Imperial College London, and University College London, but also from niche and specialist courses in areas as diverse as Hospitality Management, Music and Fashion Marketing. Alex also derives strong satisfaction from working with less traditionally academic students and helping them to enable themselves to discover their potential.


Recently working as the Principal Consultant for Careers Opportunities and Guidance at an IB World and Cambridge International school in China, Alex was part of the management team and was primarily responsible for ensuring best practice in career guidance and university application processes, as well as supporting the school and its stakeholders in aligning school policy decisions with the grooming of holistic individuals who are thoroughly prepared for their post-secondary endeavours. He particularly enjoys working on "big-picture" discussions and initiatives where he is able to use his talents in linking disparate ideas and concepts to think beyond the obvious and ensure that a multitude of perspectives and potential outcomes are considered.


Coaching and developing counselling teams is a particular interest for Alex and he is able to conduct workshops for teams large and small; from strategic planning sessions and establishing the team infrastructure, to detailed sessions on the nitty-gritty of international student university applications.


His first book, The Personal Statement Method: The Fuss-Free Guide to Writing a Successful UCAS Personal Statement is available now through Faulkner Colvin Education and can be found on Amazon. Its primary aim is to help students to write about not just themselves and their achievements, but to facilitate students in reflecting on the skills and characteristics required by UK universities and their courses before bringing all of this together to compose original Personal Statements that enable students to stand-out in the eyes of admissions officers.


Alex can be engaged with either through email, LinkedIn or Twitter and welcomes people to introduce themselves and share ideas and experience.

Want some extra help with your UCAS Personal Statement or application?

Alex can handle that. Check out the services on offer on the Personal Statement Guidance page.

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Latest from the blog
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