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Need more UCAS Personal Statement Guidance?

If you're struggling with your UCAS Personal Statement, need someone who knows what they're doing to check it, or just need more guidance and counselling, Alex is available to help.

Heading to university may be one of the biggest changes of your life so far, and it's important to be as prepared for it as you possibly can. This includes maximising your chances of getting into your dream university and ensuring that your application truly puts forward the best you.

If you do need that extra bit of help with your application, Alex offers the services below. To sign up just send him an email, and he'll usually get back to you within 48 hours. You can message him by completing the form.

Package A: The Personal Statement Review Package (online: email)

This is for those who have already written their first draft and need help polishing it up. It includes constructive criticism and feedback on all areas of the statement, including focus, content and grammar. It includes as many drafts as necessary to get the statement to be UCAS ready.


Package B: The Personal Statement Outlining to Completion Package (online: Phone/Skype, email)

If you’re still not sure how to start your first draft and what to include, we’ll begin with a Skype chat to explore your interests, activities and experiences and how these relate to your university application. From this, I’ll help you to craft the outline and structure of the Personal Statement before giving you time to write up your first draft. Once the first draft is complete, we’ll continue to work together on it to make it UCAS ready.


Package C: The Online Counselling and Guidance Package (online: Phone/Skype, email)

From matching subject choice to career aspirations, to choosing the best-fit university and course, to outlining and completing the Personal Statement, this package includes it all. Following a Skype chat to assess your needs and interests we’ll generate a short-list of universities, courses and options before working through the positives and negatives of each to come-out with our final selection. Then we’ll take the Personal Statement from zero to completion and submission. I’ll also help you to complete the UCAS form and be available for contact all the way up until results day and admission, just incase you need any further assistance.


Package D: In-person Counselling and Guidance Package (in-person and online)

This package includes the same as the online package, but is for those who prefer to meet in person. Usually this would include 2 half-day sessions at the client’s choice of venue before critiquing the Personal Statement drafts over email. If you are interested in this package, please let me know so that we can discuss feasibility and I can prepare a final quotation including expenses.

Interested? Got questions? Send your details and Alex will be in touch

Thanks for getting in touch - Alex will get back to you as soon as he humanly can!

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